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Having a teen daughter myself, I am always eager and hopeful I will find a book or podcast that will meet me where I am currently at with my parenting. I get excited and can finally exhale when I hear or read a blurb that describes exactly my situation. My goal is to parent my daughter well and to have awareness of how I handle myself so that I can be the best kind of Mom to my daughter Ella. 

I love to read an actual book. However, time is never on my side to sit still so my new best friend is Audible. When Amazon launched Audible I was very excited that for $15 a month I got one free read and deals on other books. I also love the library, so I will browse through their books on CD and check out at no cost. Nonetheless, there is always a way to fill my heart and brain with lots of parenting goodness. 

I have also gotten into some pretty good podcasts.

Podcasts binge listening is the new Netflix binge-watching. Who would have thought?

Below you will find suggestions and my recommendations for you.

These authors inspire me and give great insight to “girl-world”. 

Shoot me an email and let me know your favorites! Would love to add to this collection.



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